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Softer Than Sound
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Softer Than Sound: Cover
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In July '98, Exploiting Eve Released their first CD

Bittersweet lyrics with shimmering guitar hooks. Off-the-cuff rock brilliance with moody, rich, distinctive female vocals delivered in a beefy guitar style from the roots of modern rock.

In the first 6 months of Exploiting Eve's incarnation it was amazing to see the attention a new raw rock band was getting.

Softer Than Sound arose out of a demand to give listeners and the industry their first taste of a more musically mature band to come.

In an attempt to stray from mainstream, gimmicky pop tunes, the band evolved their musical collection into an array of brooding modern rock, with heavy guitars, met with sultry, rich female vocals.

The Los Angeles based band continues to gain momentum with their first independent 5 song EP, voicing a young band on their way to great musical potential.


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