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Softer Than Sound: Cover
The Making of:

Softer Than Sound

Exploiting Eve went into the studio, called "For the Record", to begin recording their first CD, Softer Than Sound, in November 1997. (Click here to see photos: Recording "Softer Than Sound")

The recording was funded by the bands own cash and credit cards. They went in knowing what they wanted to record, so they locked out the studio for 48 hours and recorded the foundation of the CD straight through that time. This was the most demanding part of making the CD.

Over several evenings the same week, the band started adding the necessary pieces to create their first musical masterpiece. Janelle worked at fine tuning the vocals, a demanding task that required a lot of energy and patience. Vincent dubbed in his bass lines, Andres laid in extra sprinkles of percussion, and Victor dropped in his acoustic guitar, extra lead, and eccentric (ghost) tracks.

After some rest and rejuvination, the band went back into the studio to mix the CD. Mixing sessions lasted two evenings, a complicated process of trying to find balance, harmony, and sometimes the small bits of recordings to complete the music.

With the mixed version in hand, Exploiting Eve delivered it to Charlie Watts at Mondophonix for mastering.

Having the music complete, the band worked on the CD face and jewel case graphics. The art was delivered to Sunshine printing and a CD-R to the CD manufacturer, and a week later, the complete product, Softer Than Sound, was delivered.

On July 17, 1998 the band released Softer Than Sound at a packed house show at the Joint in L.A.

Recording Photos: Set 1

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