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Photos From 2002

We're doing some end-of-year cleaning and came across a few photos we'd never posted before. Well, that's not true any more because they're posted now. Check 'em out!

Treasure from the Exploiting Eve Archive - Once Again Karaoke

Call it karaoke, call it closed captioned, either way, this little treasure turned up while we were cleaning up the hard drive. We don't think it was ever posted before, so here it is now for you musical and viewing pleasure. Please sing along!

Item Name
Format - Size
QuickTime Movie (MOV)
5:45, 5.3MB

Once Again Once Again is the fourth track from Exploiting Eve's first CD, Softer Than Sound. Apple's Quicktime is available as a free download at

Audio from Exploiting Eve on KLOS 95.5 FM Local Licks

Exploiting Eve turned up on KLOS 95.5 FM Local Licks show for the fourth time! The October 19, 2003 show was captured with the wonders of digital technology and is now here for you to take a listen.

Item Name
Format - Size
MP3 - 3:00, 1.4MB
Mono, 64 kbps
MP3 - 3:00, 2.8MB
Stereo, 128 kbps

If you want to hear more Exploiting Eve on the radio, call KLOS at 800.955.KLOS to request Exploiting Eve music or send 'em a fax at 310.558.5642.


Exploiting Eve's In The Studio, Really!

Where's Exploiting Eve been lately? There was a nasty rumor that said 'Dre won the lottery and ran off with former child-star actress Soleil Moon Frye to Fiji, leaving the band without a drummer. And then there was the one that said Janelle and Victor both decided to put the band on hold as they tried out for American Idol.

All not true! Exploiting Eve is in the studio carefully recording music for their upcoming full-length CD. That's about all there is to be said for now. Enjoy these recording studio photos in the meantime! Click here to view the photos.

Orange County Music Awards Show Prelim. Recap

The show at DiPiazza's on Thursday, 01/22/2004 was a preliminary round showcase for Orange County Music Awards.

Exploiting Eve is nominated in the following categories:

  • Best Live Band
  • Best Modern Rock Band
  • Best Female Vocalist (Janelle Barreto)

The judges were cool and the fans were loud. No word on results just yet.

The OCMA Event is Saturday, MAR 27, 2004. More info here.

Photos now posted. See here!

Exploiting Eve's First Show of 2004

Exploiting Eve's first show of 2004 was at Lofflers on Friday, 01/16/2004.

The 4th annual "Fenders Fret Fest Jam" was a very short drive form the Anaheim Convention Center where the NAMM (music industry) winter trade show was being held. Proceeds from the show went to benefit the Fender Museum.

The show played to a packed house and lively crowd. It was a great way for Exploiting Eve to start 2004

Photos coming soon.

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