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Hey you guys... MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Congrats on the Award - y'all deserve it! Sorry, I missed the last couple of shows - you know if I could, I would. Looking forward to the new CD & the next show.
Peace & Love

ArmandoV - 23 December 2000

now that EXPLOITING EVE has won a award for their hard work and awesome showes, now they can look forward to rocking the next year

Peter - 15 December 2000

winning the Rock City's award for (Best Alternative Band) is the way to kick ass!! Plus the X-mas party was just slamming!! let's keep the juice Flowing!!

Doey - 15 December 2000

Guys, I' ve seen you grow to be a high quality band over the last year. You're fresh, hard, and soft, all at the same time.

My whole family and my friends love you guys. Keep up the rock. Can't wait for the new CD. I also want to say you sound better live than on CD. Luv Ya. Thanx.

Jerry McCormick - 10 December 2000

Hi guys! Especially Vincent, Andres and Victor. It has been so long since Ive talked with you guys. Remembering back to when we would all hang out in the garage while you played, and that space you rented at a warehouse. Vincent, you are still cute as ever! :) It's great to see all of you doing so well. Exploiting Eve rocks! Janelle you have an awesome voice. Yep..I think you guys hit it big this time.. :) Vincent, Andres, and Victor... hope to see you guys in Costa Mesa. Peace!

Traci - 5 December 2000

Just a quick word to say that it was really cool to meet you guys at the Viper room... The gig was brilliant, as ever, I was humming 'my glass is empty' for the rest of the weekend (in a good way, of course)... You're the first rock stars I've ever actually met (and don't start being modest and claiming that you're not rock stars, I dunno)... Anyway, thanks again for a great show...So, hope to see you all again soon.

Gully - 18 September 2000

I saw the band at an outside, free gig and it was the best thing i had heard. Janelle was awesome and the guitarists and the drummer were awesome, too.

Sara - 7 September 2000

I saw the Industry Showcase at the GIG. The show was just slamming!!! I feel sorry for the people that missed the show. They missed out on a kickass show. Yet, there will be more show to come. I cannot wait!

Art - 12 August 2000

I just saw your set at the Gig... All I can say is 'earth-shatteringly awesome'... I hope all the high-flying industry peopole in the audience had their ears pinned back as much as I did... you rock utterly...(yeah, let's see Brittany do *that*). See you again around...~<DrG>~

Gully - 8 August 2000

I am your #1 fan.

Charline - 30 July 2000

Miss you guys.... Gotta come up to my neck of the woods for a show. Anyway, I'll try to see you soooooon. Be good, take care and have fun. Luv-flea(sha)

Flea - 22 July 2000

The show last night at the Felt Room was awesome, and the new song ROCKS! We always enjoy the show and last night was a great addition to my Exploiting Eve experiences. Janelle, rock on girl! Vincent, love to watch you on stage! All of you are awesome! Keep it up and see you at the next show.

Mychelle - 8 July 2000

Vincent is a hottie! Tell him I said so too!

Mychelle - 30 June 2000

Vincent is a hottie! He is babalicious, all the men want him. (Ha! Ha!)

Vincent - 30 June 2000

Like the website, like the contents but would like to see more fan pictures of us at your shows on the website, makes us feel part of the whole Exploiting Eve experience! Congrats on making John a new band member, will add a lot to the band. Please can we fix some of the "Script errors" that I get on my computer, can you let me know if it is on my computer or is it a website problem.

Arthur - 30 June 2000

Being an older fan and groupy of Eve, I would like to hear some of the old numbers mixed in with the new. Those of us who have loved your music and enjoy the new songs, some of the older things like "Once again once again" and "Ordinary day" are great songs, and would be nice to hear them with the new. Even the bands who are in the "Bigs" mix in old and new. Continue to awesome work and the great sound, a long term fan.

Sharen (Art's Mom) Honomichl - 26 June 2000

Adding John has added depth to the overall sound. And he adds so much with his guitar solo on Internet song. The band has such a great character in their songs within a song. I find that very unique and special. That is what makes their sound so awesome

Sharen Honomichl - 26 June 2000

Hey guys! Got your postcard. Great to hear about your gig coming up here on June 17th. We miss seeing you at the football fields.... Anyway, we've been set up for a while doing screen printing, and wanted to know if you'd like us to do some of your shirts??? Give us a call or email us. Good hearing from you!

Tom Gilmartin - 12 June 2000

Word to your Mother! You guys are alomost as nice as you are great musicians. When are you coming up to Bakersfield again (or is it up to Ted & I to hook you up)? Are you going to give us the hook up with some gigs in So.Cal? Your second favorite band's CD (Highway Jones), Side Streets, is now out!

Rock On

D.Sancho - 30 May 2000


FLEA (sha) - 22 April 2000

all of you especially JANELLE, just blew my mind the music really kicks. and there isn't a day that goes by that i don't listen to your cd. hope to see more live shows in the future. wishing you much luck inthe bizz.

leonard martinez - 11 March 2000

YOU GUYS KICK ASS!!!!! When are you going on tour? Always, no matter what, play ........... O N E M O R E!!!!

NYC fan - 24 February 2000

O N E M O R E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unknown - 10 February 2000

you guys are the gretest group that i know and jenelle is my guys rule.

Regina Sierras - 10 February 2000

how are you guys? we're just finishing our double album, due out march 17th. we're hoping to find a gig out there with you guys. hope to hear from you soon!

dj skit from dollhouse - 02 February 2000

Hi Everyone. . . expecially Vince and Andreas. I really enjoyed visiting your site. Very interesting and loaded with lots of info. Keep up the good work! Will definitely visit MP 3. Vince, it was nice seeing you at Terry and Dayna's. Hope you find success and prosperity in the new millennium!

Peggy J. - 10 January 2000

I found your website through Very well put together. Will check by later to listen to your song samples.

Dave Karr, Host of Radio DX, The Voice 91.5 FM, Sacramento, California.

Dave Karr - 8 January 2000

Great show at 369!!!!! I was looking for pictures of the other guitarist but didn't see any of him on the site. Is he part of the band or just a speciel guest?

Christine - Wed., 06 October 1999

I am bored with these same pictures. I want to see more. I want to see what kind of fans this band has. Are there any cute guys in the crowd?

Tamie - Mon., 23 August 1999

To your question about the Home page, I think it looked better before.

Arthur - Mon., 16 August 1999

Dear Exploiting Eve, well ive enjoyed your show and had enjoyed talking to you at the get together at your hotel rooms and hope to see you all again some time...your fan...Elliot. P.S. And by the way , are you enjoying my sunglass..well were them at a gig for me ok...bye.

Elliott Roe (Bakersfield) - Wed., 12 August 1999

Janelle, I hope you like the sunglasses. I can't wait for your album to come out. You guys were awesome.

Elliott Roe (Bakersfield) - Tue., 10 August 1999

i saw u guys play in Bakersfield and i havent really heard a girl in a so called punk band.. i loved it so much. janelle u r so good, u guys deserve to make it. i want u guys to come back to bakersfield, u should play at jerrys sometime too.. i had a question, have u guys heard of the band amerikan made??? talk to u later

Lindsey - Sat, 08 August 1999

I just saw you guys(and girls)last night and i have to say that you are best thing ive seen play in bakersfield in a very long time. I can't wait to see you again in concert and hope we can go party with you again....well thanks for coming here and i hope to see you again in L.A. two saturdays from now. Anyway good day to you all..and hang in there, your bound to make it.

Alex - Sat, 08 August 1999

Hey guys I heard the cd from Patrick, thought it was great. Miss going to see you in the clubs. Hope everything is going well. Check out our website, See ya later,

Shannen Figueroa - Sat, 08 August 1999

Hey, guys, I just wanted to wish the band the best of luck tonight at 369. I just know you guys are going to blow up the spot..with Janelle's beautiful voice, Andres's on point druming and Vincent, Victor and John stringing it up who could go wrong.. see you all later love ya!!! Your baby sis,

Jannine - Sat, 31 July 1999


-flea(sha) - Sun, 06 June 1999

Vince!!! You site is awsome, but you said be honest, so I am... The advertisement pop-up thing for geocities is quite annoying... Site is kinda slow, and shut down on me for being overloaded a couple of times--BUT I GUESS THAT'S GOOD, RIGHT?!? Andres!!! single and looking huh? What about what we said in highschool-- we're going to end up old and grey together... Well hey--what up with that? You never call anymore... Call me at work!!!!! Victor--Married now, well I guess for a while--WOW! Jannelle-Don't know ya yet... We'll meet June 4th... Vince-love the profiles on the members. Where's Jon's picture??? I'm so excited, I can't wait to see you guys... It's been a LONNNNGGGGG time... See you soon--love,

Phylicia (Flea-sha) - Tue, 18 May 1999 18:05

Whats up? As far as knowing someone in your fan pictures go. I do know a couple people in the ones taken at the pizza place and also in the ones during the after party but I'm sure you all ready know there names. But i was wondering why the person who's room you're partying in isn't in the picture. And after looking at them I wish I wouldn't of missed the 369 show since i'm sure i would of been at chris and john's pad afterwards. Man it sure looks like i missed a good party.

John Berger - Sun, 09 May 1999 00:37

Great show last Friday at 369. Very inspiring. If I was an A & R guy at a real record lable... I probably would have drooled on myself. Actually - I did sort-of. Keep up the great work... good things are coming your way. Regretfully, won't get to see the show on June 4th I'll be CanCun bound. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Janelle! By the way, singer-to-singer... I dig your vocals. Take care ya'll - your new fan,

Armando Vega / HYPERCHILD - Mon, 03 May 1999 12:44

I think this band rocks and who ever made this Web Page is doing a great job.

Tamie - Thu, 18 Mar 1999 17:28

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