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Exploiting Eve, where have you gone? I want to hear about a new show!

Adam - 02 September 2004

Do you guys do any covers of the classic German metal band, The Exotic BJ? Der Vergangenheit entkommt man nicht so schnell, Michael!

Alex - 21 August 2004

You guys looked and sounded great at Di Piazzas. Me and my two lovely guests had a great time and enjoyed listening to your performance! Thanks for giving us the heads up Vince and we look forward to seeing you guys at your next gig. Hopefully we can hear a few more songs! Thanks again!

Tom Calderon - 27 January 2004

The minddriver show rocked in Santa Cruz. The minddriver Band is a great band. Wanted to know when U guys are performing in the bay area again.

Greg Bushneff - 25 January 2004

Once again you guys put on a great show at the Christmas party. I was glad to be a part of it. Hope to see the Eve soon and just groove on all of that engery that pours from your band. It was great to share the stage with you all. Peace.

John Barker (5 O'clock Angel) - 15 January 2004

I saw you guys at the Wisky and absolutly LOVED the show. Janelle has great stage presence and my eyes were glued to her the entire time. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Kimberly - 14 November 2003

It was great getting to know you guys at work. I'll watch your website to keep track of you! Keep me informed of your path to fame and fortune!!!!!

Shell Girl - 05 November 2003

Hello, You guys rock!!! Heard you on Local Licks on the way back from a gig last night (I’m a comic). You can check me out at

John Nydam aka Johnny Dam - 20 October 2003

heard you guys on local licks last night! you rock! they also mentioned that you guys might have passes to the show? were they right? would love to see you guys!

David Ayala - 20 October 2003

Hey, heard your stuff last nite on KLOS. Sounds great. Would love to see you at the Whisky.

Teri Kinne, Pasadena CA - 20 October 2003
[*Teri was the KLOS Local Licks Ticket Giveaway winner!]

Exploited Eve YES!!

Jennifer Corday turned me onto your band and I'm loving the clips I hear on your website! Break out the mastercard, I need to purchase a CD! Passion, soul, and backbone with kickass groove!

I'm writing first to say that your band is incredible and I'm loving the vibe/sound. Second, if the opportunity ever presents itself, I'd love to come out and throw down with you guys.

Rick Weller, Downey, CA - 09 September 2003

You will get the break you deserve! You were the show stopper at the House of Blues. Great sound and great energy. I have seen over a hundred bands in my 40 years and what a memorable evening. I bought the sneak preview CD and brought it home for my 11 year old to hear. Hey Hey Hey had him dancing around and playing the air guitar!!!!! I truly hope to see your name in lights. Best of luck to you all and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Leslie Faucher - 19 August 2003

The show was AWESOME!!!

Your friend, Scary Perry - 18 August 2003

I was extremely IMPRESSED with the show - it totally rocked. You guys were very tight. The more I hear you, the better you sound.

Bob Leggett, Live Magazine - 18 August 2003

You guys ROCKED last nite. My friends loved the Band. Thanks for the Music.

Lori - 17 August 2003

OK Janelle, I've known you for six years and I think I'm Finaly ready for my first "Exploiting Eve" show !!!

Orlando, Just another bass player - 08 July 2003

U guys Rock!!! Even though we are 2 completely different bands I think we could join forces like wondertwins and activate... p.s. Would u guys be mad if I started a tribute band called exploding steve... I'm thinkin gwar meets sonic youth.... ha ha maybe I should quit smokin this stuff.. it is startin' 2 taste like windex... kush my ass!!!!!

MpK Hydrophonix - 05 July 2003

Saludos desde Honduras Andres y Vincent. First time in the website !! Keep going guys. Your fan.. Graco

Feliz Cumpleaños a la chica.

Graco Paredes - 18 June 2003

Re: Local Licks*5/18/03* EXPLOITING EVE

hi vincent, i'm glad you all enjoyed the show. i know i did!!!

Kelly Cox, KLOS Radio - 09 June 2003

Hi, I was at that pub you performed in yesterday, Friday june 6th. I was that half drunk guy :d,.. just wanted to say loved ur bands music, especially ur voice, and not just coz I was drunk :)

and happy bday Janelle. I wish I were sober, loved to have spoken to you longer.

Shricon - 04 June 2003

Another Birthday for Janelle, So i guess Janelle is not jail bait anymore. Happy Birthday.

Zed - 04 June 2003

Hello, Hello!!! We haven't seen you guys (and girl) since Jenean's baby shower,but we'll try to be at the show this Friday. We just wanted to let you know that we're still thinking of you!!! PEACE!!!

Sparkle, Magic,& Valerie - 02 June 2003

Re: New Photo Shoot

I picked photo Number 3... you guys look happy in that picture. We need more of that in this day and age...

Armando Vega - 20 May 2003

The Bomb! Thats right. First and foremost to the Heavenly Father for the blessing and the talent that he gave to each and everyone of you. Big Boss Vinny, you know who this is.....The "VIRUS". Thats right. Keep it up bro...almost there. Dr. Dre Day (hehehe). My best Drum Freak. Keep hitting those sticks. Janelle, wow....mmmmm.....You got talent. The Lord bless you with that beautiful voice and he will bless you abundantly. To the rest of the band......Keep up the good work and God Bless you all.

VIRUS - 29 April 2003

caught your show a few weeks guys are awesome. I am definitely a new fan.

Angie - 28 April 2003

Kevin Lyons here from The BUZZZ....thank you ALL very much for restoring my faith in songwriters and musicians once agin...that was an unexpected treat and much appreciated...please put me on your mailing list so I will be aware of future gigs etc...

Kevin Lyons, The BUZZZ - 14 April 2003

Congrats on the OC nomination! Good luck tomorrow night. Wish we could be there but we're doing a gig in Long Beach. Say hey to the rest of the band.

Brian Pothier, Vesica Pisces - 28 March 2003


XrzVex - 21 March 2003

I just got a hold of some of your cd's and they haven't left the car since. My message is especially for Victor for hooking me up with the guitar I still play. Thanks Victor, for helping me buy that Fender- it's my new boyfriend. Am really impressed by the female vocals and somewhat disillusioned as I have to go out into the musical scene with chicks who can really sing and write lyrics. In some aspects I see it also as inspiration. Anyway enuff for now- maybe i'll c ya'll in Vegas.

amy - 11 March 2003

Sup guys, Good to see you guys are still going full steam. When are we booking a show together, Vincent? I'm sorry I've been laggin with calling you but we should definitely do something. Take care and hope to see you soon!

Javier, Downright - 05 March 2003

I'm in special events planning and was coming back from San Diego. Thank God for KLOS unsigned bands sessions because you made a miserable rainy trip to LA ROCK! What is up with the record industry? I have been a DJ for many years and would in their world sign you fast. I am not in their world how ever and can't really understand the hesitation.

Robert - 04 March 2003

heard you at the KEY CLUB this past saturday. really liked the show. good luck with the new management.

Tom Just, Warner Bros. - 03 March 2003

saw your gig last night. you rock! keep me posted on your gigs and recordings.

Jim Steinfeldt - 02 March 2003

Hi Guys, You guys are the ones that sound great. have a great show! thanks for the cd.

Kelly Cox, KLOS Radio - 02 March 2003

I came across your band on the internet, and remembered having heard the band's name before. I am singer/bassist of the band Beg out of Orange County, and your band is inspiring to me b/c of your female band member! You guys seem to be doing a top notch job of presenting yourselves to the world, I love your website!

I'll come see some of your shows, rock on brothers and sisters!

Phoenix Carver - 24 February 2003

My name is Alysson and I'm so glad to contact you tonight. I was coming back home (sunday, 23h30) when I turned on the radio at KLOS. What awesome song was that? Oh my God!

When DJ Kelly Cox started to speak, I crossed my fingers and waited to hear the band's name. Piece of cake: Exploiting Eve! I didn't lose my time and now I'm sitting here writing for you...

In the next hour, I'm going to surf through Then I would like to see you playing live. Are you going to play in Los Angeles area? When? How can I get the tickets?

I'm from Brazil and I'm living here for three months. Music was one of the reasons of my long travel. Because of this, is a great pleasure to hear a sound like you do. Thanks a lot! Hope to hear from you! Your brand new fan,

Alysson Navarro - 24 February 2003

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!! I sure have missed you all during you vacation. Come on I need my ExEve "fix" soon. Love Ya All!!!!!!!

Kris - 16 January 2003

Loved the show!!! You guys were so full of energy! I loved Janelle's performance, your cool stage pressence and the drummer's backing vocals. He's amazingly good at hitting and singing at the same time! Is he your bro?

Traysee - 17 December 2002

Thanks for the info! Great show at HOB Monday!! Look forward to seeing you folks again!! Happy Holidays!!

Stu Millstein - 12 December 2002

You guys rocked at the House of Blues Monday... Keep working the magic and may God bless you guys through the years to come.I know this is a sucessful band and will continue to grow with fans.Vince ur great, it was a pleasure to meet and talk with u on monday. LOVE U GUYS!!!!

Erica - 10 December 2002

Hey I just wanted to say that you guys are a great band I look forward to seeing more of your shows and hope to play with you all again soon. House of Blues was a awesome show you guys where great.

StS ( - 10 December 2002

...The guy that started up the LA Music Awards (I guess last year and this year they are at the Wiskey) was talking about Ex-Eve tonight on local lix on KLOS... He was talking about Janelle and how she brings a sexy kind of appeal to the stage. Sounded like he was in love with her. Guess you guys were nominated this year or last year or something, but he was talking about the CD's y'all got out and the video you guys shot... COOOOOL!

Bigdandlittleg - 18 November 2002

Hey whats up? This is Marylin's nephew Joe. Just stopped to say that I enjoyed yalls show when I was in L.A . We just played a show with a band called Mushroomhead.who had just gotten off of the Ozz Fest tour. They were great. I see that you all have come aways since I saw you play. Well keep it real and rock on . You can visit us at ---see ya around

Joe - 14 September 2002

HExploitung Eve: a multi talented, universal song writing, hardworking, award winning band. Exploiting Eve, is one of the friendliest bunch of musicians, I have meet in a very long time. On stage this band has what it takes to maintain a solid fan repore. Janelle Barreto, lead singer for Exploiting Eve,and the entire band works well with staff and management durring booked engagements. I enjoy the EQ settings on thier new CD, and give my best praise for every song on this record. I am looking forward to thier third year in a row...Rocky City News Award 2002.

ChrisVex (RockCityNews StaffWriter) - 12 September 2002

Hello to all !!! I'm looking forward to actually being off work on a day you are playing! Hopefully I'll see you all on sunday.

Lori - 03 October 2002

I just wanted to say thank you for coming to our video release It was KILLER!!!!! All of your support & prayers have been a blessing to us ! We made a KICK ass Video Has an Awsome Film Co. who did a Fantastic Job on their end -(Thnk you DK films for everything Vince & Micheal and all of you it ws a long time coming but it was worth the wait ) & you the FANS make it all possible without you we would not exist ... God Bless you & keep on doing what you do & we will always be able to do what we do ..My love to all of you ,See you at the next show !!!!!

John Vastano (ExEve) - 28 July 2002

I finally got a chance to see you guys this weekend the huntington beach pier and I was impressed... Janelle has great stage presence and the who band just Rocks... I couldn't find any flaws... I really liked the last song you played.. (one of your new ones). Keep up the great work. I'll be seeing you again.

Matt Drinkwine - 16 June 2002


I'm going to add this song to my MP3 station The Dog House. ( We get a lot of hits so hopefully a few extra people will get some exposure to Exploiting Eve. Great song.

Spot - 19 April 2002

Hey you guys still kick %$&^. We go way back and will go on and continue to be friends. Wow, has it been 14 years since I left Artesia.

As I knew you would, you guys Kicked Ass at Hurricanes on Saturday. My sons also enjoyed you at Sumo on Sunday, especially my youngest who was infatuated with Janelle's teeth.  We hope to be seeing you at The Galaxy on the 6th, but for sure at Sumo on the 10th.

Hey Vince.......... were is my signed 8x10 glossy?

Jason Hooton and Family - 22 February 2002

Hey ... I've heard some of Exploiting Eve's stuff and it's sounding really good! For Janelle...You may not remember me but I used to work at Kinko's about a year ago...I used to help you out with free flyers, discounts, and what not. I got your band's website off a flyer one day and have periodically visited this site. I'm gonna try to go to a show soon...until then I think I'll find out how to buy your album. Keep up the good work!! Later......

Jamie - 08 February 2002

Saw your show in Hollywood the other night, sorry I was in a bad mood. Show was great! By the way- I found my Credit card. Hugs, Kisses and all that sappy shit!

Avery (Highway Jones) - 06 February 2002

Hey guys, It's your friends from Bakersfield. I just want to say thanks for all the great shows that you guys put on and for making that road trip to Bakersfield. I felt that everyone enjoyed themselves and we look foward to having you back.I also want to thank Vincent for letting me play with you guys at the Christmas party. It was a joy and a thrill to play your songs in front of your fans. I am sure everyone was puzzled by that but it all came out very good.You all keep rocking in 2002 and I am sure we will play some good music again real soon.

John Barker (Highway Jones) - 04 February 2002

Hey Guys~ I've got to say the being your Street Team Manager is the most exciting and (personally) rewarding experience for me. As usual you guys KICKED ASS at the El Rey. Who ever missed that show missed one HELL of a performance. I love you guys!!!!

Kris - 04 February 2002

Great job at the El Rey guys. Really enjoyed the show. and look at the turnout you had. Exploiting Eve rocked the House!

Craig C. Markley (Publicity Whore Magazine) - 02 February 2002

Hey Vincent, Excellent performance last night. You guys have really upped your stage show. I would have stayed and chatted with 'the man with the matching outfit', but my ride insisted on leaving afterwards. I talked our A&R manager into buying one of your CD's... I'm sure we'll hear from him later... I snag one myself at your next show (when I get paid).

Again, thank you for the access and great show. Watching the other fans was nearly as entertaining as watching the stage. ;o)

Jacob - 01 February 2002

Your website is awsome, great job to whoever put it together for you.

Mark - 31 January 2002

I'm with a new record label called Asterion Records, and although I've previously witnessed your excellent live performances, I seek several guest passes for our A&R folks. There are four of us, and we'd love to see ya the El Rey this Thursday evening. I appreciate your attention, and I thank you.

Jacob N. Lunders (Asterion Records) - 29 January 2002

Congratulations Exploiting Eve did in fact Rock the "ROCKIES" Hopefully I will catch up with one of your shows soon. Happy holidays.

Debra Stocker (GreenStock Productions) - 25 December 2001

Exploiting Eve is a great band and i really enjoy your music. I want to say thank you to Vince for pulling some strings and allowing me to stay a little longer at the Christmas Party.. thank you very much i had fun..

Roseanna (Leonard's daughter) - 16 December 2001

CONGRATS!!! Like there was ever a question....You were nominated for three right? Which one did you not win, and who won it?? xoxox

Leah (Burst Music Productions)- 12 December 2001

I attended the show in bakersfield, and it was the best concert i had been to in a long time. exploiting eve and highway jones rocked the gate...Keep on rockin you guys

Katy Mackay - 11 December 2001

your site looks great. You guys are getting your shit together - and it shows.

Craig (Publicity Whore) - 06 December 2001

Hey Guys, It's me, Kris. Your favorite, hard working, STREET TEAM MANAGER. I just had to say that you guys ROCKED this weekend at Hurricanes, in H. B. I will never be able to you all how much I love you all, I'm truely blessed to be able to call each one of you my "friend." Especially my BEST FRIEND, Vincent, I love you man!!! When the day comes and you all are finally signed, you will BLOW UP, just like the Beatles did in their day. I will never stop busting my BUTT for you guys!! Keep Rockin' And YOU WILL WIN ALL THREE AWARDS THIS YEAR!!! Good Luck. Love Always

Kris - 03 December 2001

I saw your band at Lucky's in Bakersfield and I was impressed! I love seeing live music and I really liked your sound. It was a great night full of good times and great music. Plus, I hooked up with a girl there! I hope to see you come up the Central California way again.

Jorge Rodriguez - 07 November 2001

I saw your show last night at Luckys in Bakersfield and was the very first time I had ever heard of you, and just let me say that you guys ROCKED!!!!!!! The Bakersfield crowd didnt seem like they appreciated your show, but I'm new to town and if you guys where to come and play from where I come from that you would have packed bars/clubs of dancing people. I know that if you ventured up to San Francisco and Sonoma County that you would get a killer response. Thanks for comming to town seeing your show was the best thing that I have done since I have moved here.Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

Jen - 04 November 2001

hey guys what going on, i just saw you guys friday night in bakersfield you guys did really great, keep up the good work and on day you my be on tv, thanx for signing my mag.

Tacia - 03 November 2001

hi everyone,im just stopping in to say hi cause i havent seen the eve'sters for awhile now.i cant believe you dont have some kind of deal yet(yet!) keep rockin though,you guys(and girl) got something unique going on and it will eventually catch.everything travels in a big circle and your time is coming around so dont give up!see ya all soon,best of luck. write me if you want ( just click on my picture and tell me how ugly i am(ha ha )bye for now!

Mikey - 03 November 2001

Hey guys

I just wanted to tell you that you all KICK ASS!!!!!!!! WOW I had so much fun at the Whisky last night. Janelle you looked so CUTE!!!! and guys you looked CUTE 2.hehehe. Well I just thought I would tell you that you guys ROCKED!!!! ANd that your my FAVORITE alternative band.

Valerie - 26 October 2001


I just recieved your "Getting Thru" and "Softer than Sound" CD's purchased thru CDBABY. So I get in my car and tear of the bubble wrap off and head off to work. There is nothing, I repeat nothing that can beat driving down a German Autobahn @ 130-140 mph while the CD player is cranking out your jams WOW. (Well there is one thing but I dont want to discuss that here, it being a public forum and all...)

Can't wait to see you live... and unless there is an Exploiting Eve European Tour 2001I will have to wait a few months. Until then Two Words " You Rock".........One more "Thanks"

Curt Nelson - 04 September 2001

I am so excited!!!! I met back up with a good friend from school, Stacy!!! Then I hear shes married, SHOCKER!!!! Then I hear shes married to a guy in a band, NOT A SHOCKER!!!! hahaha kekekeke...But this website is ssooo cool!!!! I remember Vincent from Artesia...dont know who here that went there would even remember me...but in the old days I went by Dawn Oliver (now Campbell)...Good luck to you guys!!!! I will be looking into being at a gig as soon as I can. I need to experience this person!!!!! And hopefully to meet others like Stacy I miss, like Kriss, Linda and Monica...Ok guys you rememebr me??? write me..see you all soon!!!

Dawn:) - 22 August 2001


Dionne - 20 August 2001


Ted Riviera (Hairless Mary) - 09 August 2001

Hey Guys, It's just little ol' me, Kris. I just wanted to let you guys know how much it means to me to be able to help you out in any in any way that I can . i have really enjoyed helping out with the promoting that I have done so far, I have met so many people, and you should know me by now, I am definitley a "people" person, and helping out while Roseanne was "hella" fun too!! So, anytime ANY of you need help with anything , just let me know, I will be more then happy to help. One more thing before I close this little note, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for your friendship, you ALL are truley the best, and I love every single one of you, those behind the scenes too, the ones who help Exploiting Eve , the great band that you are.As always, you guys were great at, The Gig, I can't wait for The Galaxy
show. Hugs & Kisses to you all !!!!!! Your Friend,

Kris - 08 August 2001

Lastnight was my last night to see you guys play for awhile. but im gonna miss you all. im going back to arizona in a couple days but im going to tell evryone about you. and im gonna try to get you played on 95.9 kzgl. i am going to try my hardest to get you guys known out there. anyways i love you all and wish the best for you all!!!Love Jessica and all i have to say is ...your getting thru to me now..haha i love that song!!

Jessica - 06 August 2001

Check it out...Exploiting Eve on K-LOS local licks,Sunday August 19th between 11-12 p.m. DON'T FORGET and it would be cool if allof a sudden K-LOS started getting request for Exploiting Eve, Don't you!!!

DIONNE - 01 August 2001

What an experience! I haven't seen a local band give off so much powerful energy like that in years. Thanks for the high! PS:John, it was great to see you again!

Candy Johnson - 30 July 2001

Hey, just wanted to say happy birthday since I didn't talk to you at the Vynyl show last Thursday. What an awesome venue. Sound system was outstanding. Great show and best of luck.

Jeff ( - 20 July 2001

(RE: Vincent's Birthday)

I guess now that you're 21 you can toss out the fake ID!

Marc ( - 18 July 2001

Exploiting Eve on VH1!

EE member, Victor Lozano was spotted Sunday night on this weeks episode of VH1's "Bands on the Run". That's all...

AVega - 17 July 2001

Hey we just got home. I just wanted to say you were awsome tonite at Sumo. I'm going to bed now I'm really tired. goodnite!!

Jessica - 16 July 2001

I was looking at the website and I thought I would drop you a note. The site kicks ass. Your show at the Hard Rock was awesome and I am definately hooked on the tunes! Can't wait for the show at Vinyl (I have no idea how they spell it here!). Later,

Martin - 06 July 2001

Good website. Looking forward to seeing you live.

sam - 16 June 2001

I am always on the look out for good local bands to listen to and support. Unfortunately, it is not often that I find quality music from local bands. I was then pleasantly suprised when I heard clips from your albums via your website. I commend you all in your efforts and talent. Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to pick up the albums soon.

Geoff - 30 May 2001

I'm glad my e-greeting meant something to you. You guys were great, as always, at The Sumo last night. Hope you have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day.

Hugs & Kisses!!

P.S. See you Tuesday at the DragonFly.

Kris - 28 May 2001

Janelle, I just wanted to say good luck tonight. I can tell that big things are going to happen for you and the band really soon, so go out their and knock them dead. We are looking forward to seeing you at Sumo on Sunday to find out how the show went. See you soon.

Bill (a.k.a. Jim) - 02 May 2001

i was going to purchase one of your CDs on line but it seems i cannot. as i live in England i will not be able to go to one of your shows in the near future so if you decide to do mail order then let me know and i will buy a cd. thanks

Andy - 01 May 2001

[Editor's Note: You can buy the CD by going to the Exploiting Eve website ( and clicking on the MERCHANDISE link. There, you'll find the information you need to send us a check or buy online.]

You guys, and of course gal, were great!!!! I only wish Thursday's set was a little longer! I brought a buddy of mine and he thought you great! I have a feeling the pictures I took will come out great. I was using a much faster film speed, 800 w/ a special grain, so I think this may be a winner! I took them in yesterday so I should know by Tuesday. You can use any of the great shots for your site if you wish. A donation on behalf of B.C. (Benjamin) Catch ya' all later.


Benjamin - 29 April 2001

Hey guys, I saw your set at Paladinos, thurs. night. I was the one in the wheelchair. You sounded awsome great hard rockin' soulful music. The club was dead but you guys kicked ass.

Mike - 28 April 2001

Hi guys, It sucks that I missed the show at the Din Din, but I had to work, and the bad part about that was that I was suppose to be off that night. But I hope to be at the next show at The Sumo on the 29th. Hope to see you all again soon!!

Your Friend

Kris - 26 April 2001

I met you guys in the late summer of -99 when you we were filming a Sluts 4 Jesus konsert at the Dragon Fly. You seemed like a really cool band, and I'm glad you're doing so well!

Martin from Sweden - 25 April 2001

I also heard your kick ass CD...

Best wishes and hope to see you sometime. It's been a while since we played in the sewer.. : -)


marco - 15 April 2001

Hey guys, it's just me, Kris on of you many followers(haha!!) Just wanted to say what's up and keep up the awesome, hard work that you guys put into everything you do!! Love Ya' All !!!!!!!!

Kris - 02 April 2001

Your set at the Martini Lounge last Saturday was awesome. You had lots and lots of energy and you were all having fun. I wish I could have seen your acoustic set Sunday at the bistro in Long Beach. Please let me know if you have anymore of those happening. Lastly, please let me know a the date again for the Benefit that is coming up in April. Your Loyal Fan,

Benjamin - 29 March 2001

I am looking forward to the next show at the Sumo. Also the one at the Din Din. I truly enjoy my new CD, I play it non-stop. Seee you all soon.

Sharen - 29 March 2001

What's up my friends? Been listening to the CD. I likes... my fave tracks are 3, 6, 8, & 9. Can't wait to hear them live. The RCN cover is sweet too, way to go. BTW - thanks for the props on the CD sleeve, that was very gracious of youz. All righty then... keep pushing. Let me know if you guys want to come out to the CoachHouse gig. I'll hook you up with a good price on tickets. Ciao...

ArmandoV ( - 27 March 2001

Word Exploiting Eve, I saw you perform at The GIG for the CD release party and I must say you guys were tight. The group blended well and the bottom end was PHAT. Janele your voice was slicing through and just sultry. I hope you all can come to Bakersfield and play a gig with Highway Jones. I think we will do great together. Peace out and keep rocking.

John (bassist for Highway Jones) - 25 March 2001

Hey Janelle! Looks like you guys are doing fabulous. Congradulations on the new CD and your well deserved recognition. I can't believe it's been so long. Call or E-mail me some time so we can catch up. This is my work E-mail address and I only check it every couple of weeks or so. So call sometime!

Tim - 20 March 2001

Good Job "Big time" Rock on sister! With the cover

Jason - 15 March 2001

Waz up/ Just me again. Just wanted to say hi because I havent said that in a long time. I sure do miss you guys performing. Last time I saw you play was when you were all at SUMO in the LongBeach town center. When that happend, I loved Jannell's voice. It was sooooo cool. Thanks for the great time.

Shawna Ings - 14 March 2001

Thats GREAT! Keep it up, you guys are going to be BIG!!!!

Joey - 13 March 2001

Vincent, I love you, and I want to know where on this site I can order the CD's. Until then we'll keep playing phone tag. Give the girls a hug from me. And mi Tio and Andres. What the heck lets go all out and give your self a hug too.

Anna - 12 March 2001

[Editor's Note: You can buy the CD by going to the Exploiting Eve website ( and clicking on the MERCHANDISE link. There, you'll find the information you need to send us a check or buy online.]

I read your interview it was great. All so I am looking forward to doing the Rock City News benefit for legal fees show at Paladino's. with you. I haven't had a chance to catch your show yet and this will be great! see ya then.

Debi (Jokers Paradise) - 12 March 2001


Just a note o' support from your friends in The Crash Poets.

Congrat's on the Rock City cover. Keep kicking ass, baby :)~ It's


ashen ( - 12 March 2001

(RE: New CD "Getting Thru") Congrats!

Darwin - 07 March 2001

Janelle, my name is Bill Lincoln A.K.A. Christi Jacobson's husband. We went to the show at the GIG and it blew me away, I can't wait to see your next show. I am playing your CD right this second and I think it truly RULES and Exploiting Eve is the best band I have seen in a very long time. My family own's a print shop and any time you need some stickers made please feel free to let me know and I will get the job done for FREE. We will see you at the next show. Thanks

Bill & Christi - 07 March 2001

Hay, me just saying hi again. Thats all. Sincerly,

Shawna - 06 March 2001

Waz up? Just thought i would say hi, again. I herd about the gig. So, how was it/ Sorry I could not come.
Well, Tell me all about it when you see me next. Sincerly,

Shawna (Beacky's lil sis) - 05 March 2001

whoa! You guys are kickin' ass!! Conrats and keep up the good work!!

Sean (Cut Throat) - 03 March 2001

Hey, you guys rocked at the Sumo. I loved it. Jenell, I love your vooice. Hope to go to your next concert. The one at the Sumo waz my first concert, and I loved it.

Shawna Ings - 01 March 2001

Waz up? Just me saying hi. It's me again. I just wanted to say hi to everybody, even though I said hi just yesterday and thats all I wanted to say HI? Sincerly,

Shawna Ings (Beaky's lil sister) - 01 March 2001

Hey Janelle, I saw you play saturday night at the gig and you rock. great voice and stage presence. looking forward to seeing you at the Sumo Bistro. keep it up and rock on.... a new fan,

Chris - 27 February 2001

Waz up? Just me saying hi again! So hows everything doing. So, I loved your pics on the old web site. Aspecialy the ones at John's house. We'll, I'm going to go now. Sincerly,

Shawna Ings (Beaky's lil sister) - 27 February 2001

That was a rare and incredible show. I have not seen a local band with so much energy and creativity since I have lived in LA. Usually I find myself picking out the talent, if any, in a band that I watch play throughout LA and I can honestly say that all five of you are very gifted in talent and display of. I congratulate you on finding each other by happenstance to create the very complex and creative music that you produce. And I congratulate you on finding your sound. I hope for many more years of your unique interpretation of Rock Music and I very much thank you for the opportunity to see your energy last night. It's not my place to say this but I believe that your band name and image will do nothing but grow as it has grown and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see you guys get big...

I regret not buying a cd before leaving early, but will do so when I see you again. I'm on your e-mailing address and will dutifully see your performance when you play in the Hollywood area again. I know every dollar counts with the inception of bands, especially today, and would I be happy to put money towards your effort with a humble purchase of your cd when I see you guys again...Thanks again for turning what was a boring week into a great Saturday ending...

BY123GO - 25 February 2001

CONGRATS ON A GREAT SHOW TONIGHT!!! you ROCKED!!! let me know when you are going to be in town again.....i'll get the rest of FOUR STAR MARY to the gig! xoxo....tad

TAD - 25 February 2001

I got my first chance to see you guys when I was at the Rock City awards. I was very impressed with your sound... Janell -- You just plain rock! Maybe our bands will hook up to do a show together. Keep the Peace.

The "Puffer" - 23 February 2001

I am a great fan as well as Art's mom and I get all my info first hand, but I do like getting mail from the "EVE". I can't wait for the 24th, also glad that there is a change in the website new pictures will now be seen, I hope. To the BAND please take care and stay safe, see you on Saturday.

Sharen Honomichl - 22 February 2001

My husband and I visited Los Angeles in September and caught your show at the Viper Room. We purchased your cd and LOVE IT. However, since we are in Houston, it is a bit difficult to buy your new cd. Is there anyway I can mail a check and have it mailed to me here in Texas? Thanks so much for your time.

[Editor's Note: Yes, you can get the CD at beginning March 5, 2001, or CONTACT us to by one direct. Also, see our MERCHANDISE section. -ADM]

Diane Brown - 17 February 2001

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