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02 June 2002
Exploiting Eve's bassman, Vincent Ramos, has been striving for a few specific goals all his years, to write the best songs possible, get signed, be the best player he can be, learn always, and support himself and his future family in music business.

Los Angeles born, raised, and living happily in Lakewood, CA, Ramos started his musical journey by studying Music Theory at Cerritos College while taking private lessons in bass and piano. Ramos finished from Cerritos College with an AA in Business Administration and General Education in 1994. In between studies Ramos found time to play the LA and OC rock scene in bands like Elite and We the People. This led to a signing with Big Bear Entertainment’s John Hey and producer Jerry Marcicano (42nd Studios, Burbank), who assisted them in recording and shopping a major label deal with Capital Records.

Now a proficient musician in bass, piano, guitar and drums, Ramos takes pride in Exploiting Eve's numerous awards and accomplishments, especially, Rock City News Music Awards’ "Best Alternative Band" for 2000 & 2001, Altar Native World Wide Music Awards’ 2001 "Best Alternative Rock Band", and being included in Music Connection’s TOP 100 UNSIGNED BANDS in Los Angeles for 2000 & 2001. "We believe in being a team as a band," Ramos states with pride, "and because of this we have won several awards for the efforts Exploiting Eve has put out."

In the next 6 months, Vincent sees his band getting signed to its first major recording contract as they continue writing tons of new songs. He anticipates 2002 will find the band putting the final touches on their first CD, moving on to start their first tour, while having a couple songs make their way to the Billboard charts. "The next few years will include lots of radio play in the states and overseas, music videos, music festivals, and playing world wide in front of 1,000 to 3,000 people a night," Vincent confidently projects.

Vincent anticipates that within 3 years, Exploiting Eve will have influenced the music scene with their sound. By this point they will have released a 2nd and 3rd CDs, touring worldwide as a "headliner" band who is now known for packing 6,000 to 15,000 houses a night. He foresees a Top 10 CD on Billboard for the second time, a #1 single in the US, and perhaps starting an indie-label with ExEve to search out other talented bands. "But, I will always stay focused on our band first," assures Ramos. In 5 years Vincent envisions more CD releases with a with a heavy PR machine behind them, another world tour and a #1 mark world wide on the music charts. At this time he intends to bring the bands they have developed and signed on their label to open up for them. "I want Exploiting Eve to not only be a band, but what music is to become, and a giant player in the industry."

For Vincent, Exploiting Eve today is about the music, the members, the friendships and the challenge to make a once LA local band into a world player in Music Industry. He takes great pride in the team of people they have built around ExEve including a webmaster, a road crew, a street team and most important the FANS, who support them with their blood, sweat, and sometimes tears. Vincent believes, "the bottom line is the inner-circle that makes ExEve. We’re a band that truly knows how much talent is in the band, everybody really likes each other, and we will do whatever it takes to make it! That’s what keeps me going everyday!"


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