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02 June 2002
Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Exploiting Eve's guitar player, Victor Lozano has three goals in mind for his band, to have more and better sounding equipment, a knowledgeable guitar tech, and the ability to support his family by playing music. Victor is a versatile and proficient musician playing 6 string electric and acoustic guitar, piano and bass. "Sometimes I’m good at 5 string guitar when I break one," he brags.

While attending Golden West City College for Electronics and Music Theory, Victor began to pound out the Los Angeles’ rock music circuit by playing with bands like, Noiz, Stryc-9, Elite and We the People (which happened to include both members of Exploiting Eve's rhythm section, Vincent and Andres Ramos on bass and drums). This led to a signing with Big Bear Entertainment’s John Hey and producer Jerry Marcicano (42nd Studios, Burbank, CA), who assisted them in recording and shopping a major label deal with Capital Records.

With the completion of 2001, Lozano takes pride in recently winning "Best Alternative Rock Band" for the second year in a row from the Rock City News Music Awards (2000, 2001), "Best Alternative Rock Band" from Adrenaline (2001) and being included in Music Connection Magazine’s TOP 100 UNSIGNED BANDS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA for the past two years (2000, 2001) with Exploiting Eve.

When asked where he would like to see Exploiting Eve in the next year he stated, "Signed, sealed and delivered. The time has definitely come for this band to be signed and to deliver its music to the world. Ideally we will be playing venues with GREAT sound and GREAT soundmen."

In a summary of Victor's musical theology, he believes that music is really an expression of one's self, so it can vary right along with one's moods, feelings, and one's being in society. "It seems our music has a wide range and chances are it will always have that," explains Victor about the originality of Exploiting Eve's sound. Unafraid to further philosophize on life, Victor's approach can be summed up with his comment , "If your clothes don't match, wear them! And remember to yell timber the next time you're out chopping logs."


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