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Exploiting Eve has been around since February 1997. Band members Victor Lozano, and brothers Vincent and Andres Ramos, knew each other from their roles in various different bands. After having the opportunity to play with each other, the three decided to try something new and start their own band.

The group needed a singer, so they placed ads in local newspapers as well as national musician connection services to see if someone would pop up.

"Est hard groove, alt rock band sks pro-minded voc. intensity, rage, image, att, witt & dedicatn. No 80s screamer."
Ad in the Paper

After many auditions, the three found a singer who encompassed the same music style, vision, and drive; Janelle Barreto. And so became, Exploiting Eve.

In 1999 and 2000, the band played a few shows with various guest artists. One crowd favorite, John Vastano, soon became a regular part of the act. John brought an added flair of stage presence and musical gift that has rounded out Exploiting Eve's sound. He was officially announced as a member of the band on June 12, 2000. Unfortunately, at the end of 2002, John Vastano left the band to pursue other interest.

In 2003, Michael Jost was invited to fill the void left by John's departure and to continue the journey with Exploiting Eve.

Now, the five-member band continues to play throughout Southern California and has two CDs to its credits.

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