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Booking Information
Exploiting Eve has been around since February 1997. We have played the Los Angeles and Orange County club scenes extensively, building a fantastic and loyal fan base and enormous respect and credibility from promoters, venues, and other musicians. Excellent references are available.
Band: Janelle Barreto
Andres Ramos
Victor Lozano
Vincent Ramos
Michael Jost
Lead Vocals, Percussion
Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Music Style: Modern Rock
Show Attendance: Weekends (Fri/Sat): 100-250
Weekdays (Sun-Thu): 30-80
Promotional Mediums: Street Team: Flyers, posters, ticket sales
E-mail and Mailing List: 1,800+ people
Band Hotline: (213) 694-0142
Merchandise: T-shirts, keychains, stickers, magnets, etc.
Interested in booking Exploiting Eve?
Contact Vincent Ramos
Call: 562.804.3238 (Direct)
Write: 5868 Daneland, Lakewood, CA 90713

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